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We source and provide liquidation truckloads for purchase. We have new trucks filled with palletized liquidation merchandise daily.


If you are looking to acquire specific kinds of liquidation merchandise, we may be able to help!

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Here at Midtown Liquidation, we don’t settle for being second-best, second-rate, or second anything. We put our customers and competitive pricing first.

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What OUR Clients Say

"So after a year of research and being nervous of getting scammed I finally pulled the trigger and bought my first load. I went with Midtown Liquidation, the entire process was so easy, I really didn’t have to do much at all, then boom, truckload arrives at my house, the driver even helped unload! It was such great stuff that in 2 days it’s almost half gone! Thank so much, this is so fun."
Tyler Boston
"We have gotten several loads from Midtown Liquidation and couldn’t be happier with the service and the truckloads we have been receiving. We ordered AMZ BLK loads and have been at least doubling our money on them. The load we received today had 3 brand new 65″ smart tv’s and an 85in smart tv! Our previous loads had thousands of dollars worth of exercise equipment. Most items have been box damage items or non-deliverables. They have so much knowledge about the industry and always are out for their buyers best interest. 10/10 would recommend!"
K&B Wholesale LLC
"Another home run load from Midtown Liquidation!!!! We received 40 pallets of house wares from k@hls and this load did not disappoint!!!!! SUPER CLEAN!!!! Jodie Page is the best of the best and always looks out for her customers!!! Mike Simms is fantastic to work with as well!!! If you need trustworthy brokers, they are the best of the best!!!!!"
Robert Welch


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